Wide Format Printing

Congratulations to Simon Harris on becoming Ricoh Wide Format Certified.


As part of UNIFY Office Group Ltd continued investment and development in training to enable us to further enhance our product offering, we sent our Professional Services Manager off to complete another Certification and recognised accreditation; wide format printing.

Wide format printing further extends the capabilities of what is achievable within central print rooms and commercial print providers for producing large format print used within graphic art and technical markets.

For some time Ricoh have had successful products designed for the Technical Market that offer full print and scanning abilities for colour and mono plotters and plan printers achieving 38.5% of the market share but the new Ricoh large format latex colour display printer offers vibrant rich print output of up to 63.8 inch (1.6m) for a wide array of indoor and outdoor suitable roll fed media. These devices utilise eco-friendly latex inks that do not emit noxious fumes nor rely on potentially dangerous UV curing processing making them usable in practically any environment.

Also because these new devices now have gone beyond the traditional four colours (CMYK) to include Orange, Green  and white inks more vivid colours can be produced fulfilling a wider colour gamut than previously achievable in the digital print market.

If you want to know more about how Wide Format Print could benefit your business please call Simon on 01279 70 30 70