UNIFY Office Group Ltd are delighted to announce that we are now a Ricoh Production Print Certified Partner

Production Print

UNIFY Office Group Ltd are delighted to announce that we are now a Ricoh Production Print Certified Partner.  This certification sets UNIFY Office Group Ltd apart by being one of only a select few Ricoh resellers in the country to be identified and awarded by Ricoh UK as having invested in comprehensively trained sales consultants who are approved and accredited to competently identify and scope out production print requirements.

Whether operating as a commercial printers or as a company looking to cost effectively centralise printing in-house, the digital Production Print devices are the workhorses that will drive those cost savings and efficiencies for the print room or generate profits for the commercial printers so we understand how important it is that you choose to partner with a trusted supplier who have invested in the people and infrastructure to effectively work with you to understand your consult and understand your production print requirements and sell solutions that meet your needs.

The successful launches of Ricoh’s range of cut sheet and continuous feed production print devices and the array of new possibilities these offer to print rooms and commercial printers in regards to output quality, the extensive selection of medias including textured papers, films and transparent and heavier weights has led to a significant increase in deployment throughout the UK and UNIFY Office Group wanted to ensure our customers benefit from having sales and service staff that can genuinely add value by understanding how the power and capabilities of these products impact the end user.

With this in mind, over the coming weeks, UNIFY Office Group’s engineers will be finalising the Production Print Service certification making UNIFY Office Group a complete, one stop shop for all your pro print sales and service requirements. our accolade as a RICOH Production Print Certified Partner is more than just a piece of paper, it is a highly sought after accreditation.

This accreditation ensures that UNIFY Office Group have access to competitive pricing only available from Ricoh to approved and certified suppliers. To find out more about the potential options for production print equipment and solutions within your organisation call Wayne or Simon on 01279 70 30 70 or click here to contact us online