Sanitising Offices the Smart Way

Workplace safety is now high on your priority list as a business owner. Your employees and visitors to your office need to know they are as safe as they can be, and you have taken proactive measures to protect them.

To achieve this business owners are turning to new techniques of providing protection against such viruses as the coronavirus.

It’s time to re-think your office cleaning protocols, every other day or once a week office cleaning from a contractor or designated team members really needs a re-think. Keeping your business clean and safe for employees, and customers alike has taken on a new matter of urgency for all.

As a provider of SMARTMISTER sanitising systems to businesses we have seen the demands stepping up for sanitising measures, and business owners are turning to more high-tech disinfecting solutions.

The biggest challenge for employees and business owners is relying on both staff and visitors to maintain hygiene protocols such as washing hands and sanitising such areas as meeting rooms, receptions and other communal areas that are normally just used without care for such things as sanitising.

This concern can easily be resolved by using such a product as the SMARTMISTER sanitising unit for medium to larger office areas. In fact, this unit is ideal for a range of spaces that include gyms, car homes, hospitality areas, retail units and food outlets to name a few beyond the normal office space.

Using an organic HOCI disinfectant proven to kill 99.9999% of known pathogens the SMARTMISTER will admit a mist that contains the HOCI disinfectant. This is the ideal solution for sanitising the office space overnight while empty.

Discover more here: SMARTMISTER Sanitiser

With sanitising measures to be in place for some time to come due to coronavirus plus other emerging strains, plus the onset of yearly occurrences such influenza, then sanitising and protection needs have never been greater for business owners.

If businesses are to survive and their staff to remain productive with less days off isolating or due to sickness, then sanitising has never been of more importance to a business owner. Side stepping this matter is not an option, you as a business owner have a responsibility to deliver on the safety of your working environment for employees and visitors.

Key takeaways

  • Re-think your safety and cleaning protocols
  • Improve air circulation
  • Use deep disinfecting methods
  • There are emerging technologies to assist you with sanitising
  • You can find a solution to fit your budget
  • Sanitising and safety are now a key company requirement

UNIFY Office Group Ltd are a recognised distributor of SMARTMISTER products and will assist you in building your sanitising requirements to meet your business needs on all levels.

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