Office Sanitising Considerations

The standards of office cleaning have now gone to a new level with the pandemic demanding higher levels of cleanliness than ever before. Businesses of all sizes are now needing to have a clear process and routine of cleaning.

The type of cleaning required, and the frequency needs to be the primary focus. Deep cleaning will now be a more frequent requirement but in the interim of a deep cleaning regime, the day-to-day levels of cleanliness must be maintained.

Day to day and ongoing disinfecting can be achieved using products that require low maintenance and work around the clock or at given hours to disinfect your office space. The SmartMister range of sanitising products is an option worth exploring, with products that range from in-car sanitising options to app’ based controlled units that sanitise at given times.


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Workplaces are going to evolve and adapt to the needs of preventing the spread of viruses such as COVID-19 and similar health challenges that the pandemic has highlighted. Already some workplaces are incorporating new materials such as copper, brass and bronze which are proven to be anti-microbial metals.

This may not be the route for every office and in fact, budgets plus many other factors will dictate office changes and improvements. These are still early days with a return to the office environment, and research states exactly what the key solutions are for a safe office environment.

In this interim period many larger corporations are instigating night-time deep cleans several times a week to ensure their staff are protected. Health issues are reduced and productivity in the workplace is protected. Ultimately this is safeguarding the business; businesses are reliant on their staff and good levels of productivity are a must to maintain success and business survival.

Such disinfecting operations are not going to be the norm or possible for many SMEs, but the fact that employees will demand protection cannot be avoided and quite rightly need protecting. Employees must play their part too and follow regular hand washing and a level of social distancing to reduce the spread of viruses.

It is important to continue the basics of cleaning and sanitising such as regular hand washings, disinfecting key contact areas such as doorknobs, tables, telephones etc. However, attention must be paid to the overall office area if sanitising is to remain at a level that will contain infections.

Here at UNIFY Office Group we assist businesses to apply the correct sanitising program using SmartMister products, and the use of an organic HOCI disinfectant proven to kill 99.9999% of all known pathogens ensure your team are shielded in every way.

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