With Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services, you will set a direction for your digital transformation that is driven by data. It starts with a maturity assessment. By analyzing every aspect of your print environment, Xerox can advise you of deeper-level insights you can use to drive business improvements and improve your bottom line.

Productive Employees

Improve user experience and productivity with user-friendly and automated processes

Secure Environment

Ensures the security of your documents, devices, data and content.

Efficient Workplace

Control costs and infrasturcture, improve sustainability, and maximize ROI.

Our Analysers meet you where you are in your journey and help you get to the next stage. We look at:

  • Device analytics, leveraging point-in-time device discovery and ongoing device data.
  • User analytics, examining user printing behavior, applications used, and chargeback codes.
  • Document analytics, exploring the reasons people print and uncovering early opportunities for digitization.
  • Process analytics, creating the roadmap to true digital transformation within the business, identifying document-intensive workflows and the time and cost necessary to make a change.
Contact us to request a workplace audit to identify if Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services is right for you.

Managed Print Solution

Not all MPS are the same. Our MPS includes everything from print lifecycle management to comprehensive maintenance support including the supply of consumables.


Print Auditing

We use a 5 phase methodology to help you grow your return on investment through successive levels of engagement. Click here to learn how.


5 Benefits of Managed Print Solutions

Learn the five key areas that we investigate and formulate implementation strategies as a partner for your business.

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