Scanning a document to email is one simple example of digital document delivery that may one day topple the need for fax machines. At UNIFY Office Group, we provide you with multifunction systems that can handle a great deal of document delivery right out of the box.

Document management services with minimal configuration needed.

The most common document destinations include:

  • Email addresses
  • Network folders
  • Web folders
  • Databases
  • Accounting systems
  • CRM/ERP systems

Document Routing can provide a superior workflow for your office. UNIFY Office Group document management services and solutions speed up and take cost out of your processes while making them more effective than ever. But even more valuable are the people who provide those solutions. UNIFY Office Group industry experts understand the challenges you face and know how to apply document outsourcing services to achieve measurable results.

By working with partners with years of experience, you can overcome even longstanding challenges by looking at them in a new way – because UNIFY Office Group have the industry knowledge and resources to get the job done.


Document Management

Do you have untapped cost savings and efficiencies hiding within your organisation? Discover How Document Management can change your business.


5 Steps to BPA

Our Business Process Automation programme will revoltionise how you use and secure your documents and data.


Document Management Services & Software

Learn how document routing can provide a superior workflow for your office.

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